Member Benefits

Bringing more value to our members.

Orthopaedic Surgeons who join the Ortho-Preferred® program have a distinct advantage over other surgeons. They can have confidence in the stability and strength of being insured by MedPro Group, an experienced national carrier. They can reap the benefits of competitive premiums via specialized rate classes exclusively for Orthopaedic Surgeons. And they can take advantage of the additional member benefits offered to them through their membership in the DT Preferred Group, LLC, a risk purchasing group (RPG).

How does this work?

It's easy! Your coverage benefits are included in your MedPro Group policy. Your Ortho-Preferred® member benefits are through DT Preferred Group, LLC, RPG. When you join the Ortho-Preferred® program you are joining the DT Preferred Group, LLC, RPG. Your membership in the risk purchasing group will provide you access to benefits that go above and beyond your coverage. These benefits range from a free self-assessment examination to help you satisfy your maintenance of certification requirements, to a complimentary membership to one of three designated regional orthopaedic associations and more!

Want more details?

Keep reading. View a summary listing of the coverage highlights provided by MedPro Group and read more about the specific Ortho-Preferred® program benefits provided by DT Preferred Group, LLC, RPG.

Coverage Highlights And Features

RPG Program Membership Benefits