Use a Weekly Summary to Keep Informed and Up-to-Date

William R. Pupkis, CMPE, Healthcare Consultant

weekly_summaryThere are certain useful facts both the doctor(s) and office manager/administrator should review routinely. Without those facts, practice decisions might be made in a haphazard manner.  With the facts, however, a continuing “feel” for the practice will develop. This weekly summary should be presented on the same day every week in a format that will take the bookkeeper, manager, or assistant only a few minutes to prepare.

A single sheet of paper or spreadsheet can contain space on the form for as many as eight weeks.  Then, each week’s entries can be listed in the next open space.  Distributed weekly, the summary automatically becomes a comparative report.

Financial reporting

The information items should include the cash balances (checking, savings, and/or money market accounts) and amounts collected for the month-to-date.  You can also provide estimates of the coming week’s collections and obligations (payroll, outstanding bills, etc.). These estimates would help show whether further cash may be required or, on the other hand, whether more cash can be withdrawn or perhaps paid into the retirement plan.

Other basic practice information, like the number of new patients seen versus total patients seen, or the number of surgical procedures performed, can be included. You might also add insurance claims pending, for example, the number and total value of claims sent that week.

Operational activities

"Include the manager’s observations..."

Include the manager’s observations of what has been happening in the office, a report of the manager’s activities, and any upcoming concerns for the following week.  By distributing the report each Friday, the doctor(s) can read it over the weekend and come in Monday with a better overview for the week. The following are sample remarks one might find in a summary report.

REMARKS – Ortho-Preferred will mail malpractice quote; renewal date changed to August 1.  Sally attended the coding seminar last Wednesday and will share her notes during Tuesday’s staff meeting. The heating-A/C company will submit the proposals next Thursday; I’ll make copies for you; decision needed soon.

TOTAL CHARGES =             $________        TOTAL RECEIPTS =            $_______
TOTAL PATIENTS =             ________        NEW PATIENTS =               _______
CLAIMS SUBMITTED =           ________        TOTAL CLAIMS =              $_______
CASH IN BANK =              $________        NEXT WEEK’S BILLS =         $_______

In summary

Present a weekly summary on the same day every week, listing selected facts in a simple format. The information keeps the doctor(s) well informed, allows the manager/administrator to assume responsibility, and helps both parties make informed practice decisions.

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