Creative Bonuses

William R. Pupkis, CMPE, Healthcare Consultant

Creatiove-BonusesIt is no secret that bonuses can be a powerful employee motivator.  Generally when we think of bonuses, monetary gifts at the holidays or end of the business year come to mind.  While extra cash is always valued, an unexpected gift can have a big impact.  With a little thought and creativity, you can reward deserving employees with meaningful gestures that will be long remembered and appreciated.

First, consider why you are giving a bonus.  The reason behind the gift sends an important message.  For example, treating the staff to lunch at the end of a busy period lets employees know you appreciate their extra efforts.  Recognition of five or ten years of employment says you value an employee’s dedication to the practice.  Do you receive feedback from patients?  Acknowledging a staff member who interacts exceptionally well with clients tells the office you place importance on a positive attitude.

Next, think about the person you are rewarding.  A thoughtful gift can mean more to an employee than a lavish one.  The gesture shows you take a genuine interest in him or her.  Purchase tickets to a ball game for the sports enthusiast, a CD or concert tickets for the music lover, or movie passes for the film buff.  Your office manager may appreciate an ergonomic chair or computer monitor.  A busy nurse could enjoy a gift certificate for a relaxing massage or spa treatment.

Whether you give an additional personal day to the staff member covering extra shifts, distribute a gas card to the receptionist who is always cheerful and polite to patients, or bring coffee and bagels to the staff meeting every other Friday, letting your employees know you notice and appreciate their hard work is well worth the effort.  You’ll boost office morale and encourage continued dedication to your practice.


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