In 2009, DT Preferred Group, LLC, a risk purchasing group, created the Ortho-Preferred® program which is built on the premise that insurance programs and coverage should be tailored to the specific needs and experiences of each medical specialty. Developing an RPG allowed DT Preferred Group, LLC to unite Orthopaedic Surgeons and provide them with the ability to leverage the combined strength of a group to achieve favorable pricing and terms.


In early 2010, DT Preferred Group, LLC and the Ortho-Preferred® program began to gain momentum. The Eastern, Southern and Western Orthopaedic Associations endorsed the program and began offering it as a member benefit. Membership in the RPG increased rapidly and with the power of numbers behind us, it was time to begin negotiations with possible providers.


Throughout 2010, the DT Preferred Group, LLC leadership met and interviewed carriers, searching for the right fit for the Ortho-Preferred® program. After a long and thorough process of negotiations, DT Preferred Group, LLC, announced in early 2011 that MedPro Group had been selected as the Program's professional liability insurance provider. MedPro Group is the nation's most trusted and highest rated (A++) carrier in the healthcare liability industry and a strong fit for the Ortho-Preferred® Program.

Now, working with MedPro Group, DT Preferred Group, LLC, has brought professional liability insurance for Orthopaedic Surgeons to a new level. Unique in its broad and comprehensive offerings, the Ortho-Preferred® program addresses not only the need for Orthopaedic Surgeons to have premier medical malpractice coverage, but also places an emphasis on education and risk management opportunities tailored specifically for the Orthopaedic Surgeon.


The Ortho-Preferred® program continues to grow. In 2012, the program secured endorsements from the Alabama Orthopaedic Society, Maryland Orthopaedic Association, and North Carolina Orthopaedic Association.